Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Space

So as promised, I finally got my studio/craft room cleaned and organized enough to show you. A few months ago we decided to move our desk and computer out and into our family room so I could have my own work space. My little corner in the family room was turning into an eye-sore ... especially when it got disorganized. Many of you know how quickly this can happen when you get "in the zone."

My husband had suggested this move before, but I liked being able to work and be with the family in the same room. I must say, I do enjoy this arrangement a lot better though. I still have to share this space as the toy room. Most of the boys' toys are in the closet. I would really have it made if I had the closet too :) I guess you can't have it all. Happy Crafting!

Here's where I put my inspirational signs I found at the Autumn Festival in Sioux Falls as well as my own fabric wall art corkboard. That table is holding some scrap booking supplies. I wish I had more time to update my boys' albums. Too many hobbies!

Here is an old shelf I sanded and repainted to hold my scrapbook papers and fabric.

Where the magic happens

Fabric and more fabric ...

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