Saturday, February 28, 2015

He made me want to change my life

Hello again. I see it's been an entire year since I've posted on my blog. I am going to try and make this a regular thing again. So much has changed in that year as well. I thought this would be a good way to re-introduce myself and reconnect with you. I hope to include more recipes, mom stories and insights, books I'm reading, random things, and design inspirations.
This summer, I submitted this essay on what it means to “Be You, Bravely,” to a national magazine. It obviously wasn't selected, so I have all rights to publish my own works on here. I tend to be more private about my personal life, but I am being "brave" and letting you in on something that has changed my life.

Be You, Bravely

A year ago, I made one of the bravest decisions of my life. It meant quitting a newly promoted position, cutting our income in half, and moving three hours across state lines to be closer to our families.

A few months into my third pregnancy, I had a change of heart of what I really wanted in life. I was promoted as a shift supervisor (that included a hefty raise) at the local 911 center. I was working the afternoon shift from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. five days a week. My oldest son was in kindergarten and my other son was a year away from starting pre-school. I only saw my oldest if I took him to school in the morning or on my weekends. I decided enough was enough, and having a little baby was not going to make my life any easier. And my job wasn’t going to let me really enjoy my family.
I resigned from my position when I was five months pregnant. At the time, it felt like one of the hardest and easiest decisions. We sold our home where we had several “first” memories, from baby's first steps to completing our lower level. We uprooted our family from a city where they were establishing friendships and memories of nine years to move back home to be closer to our family.

It was certainly an adjustment to being a stay-at-home mom to two boys and I was several months pregnant. Moving and unpacking was not easy, especially when my husband started working long-hours.  Adjustment was an understatement in my vocabulary. I will admit it took some time to come to grips with the reality that I wanted. We moved away from several friends in a city of 150,000+ to a small town of 500, and the nearest city with most amenities 15 miles away.  But, nothing beats being able to wake up every day, have breakfast with my kids, teach them right from wrong, and not miss out on them growing up.

Some days my sense of purpose and self-worth are questioned, but I know in the end it doesn’t matter what fancy title I possessed or where I use to work. I’m reminded of the career I once had every time I see a police officer. My job was to protect them and make sure they went home safely to their families every night. Now, I must remind myself that my job now is to be a role model and guide to my kids. This is what “Be You, Bravely,” means to me: To give up a more comfortable life to one with less and more family.

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