Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Ground Hogs Day Kind of Halloween

Well it's past that time of year where you should be thinking about what your children will be for Halloween since its a few days away. You should have it figured out. I guess I haven't had to put much thought into what my boys will be this year. Don't be too worried, I have it all figured out. I'm pretty much off the hook this year.

Last year I made my 5-year son the scarecrow costume from the Wizard of Oz. I made a trip to Savers and some craft stores to put the whole outfit together. I was actually quite proud of how it turned out. To my benefit, my son wants to use this same costume this year. It's like Ground Hogs day but Halloween. There's nothing more special than a homemade costume. I'm more enamored by homemade costumes than store-bought.

My 3-year son will be Super Man. I already had the items for this costume. Last Christmas, my mother-in-law sewed him a reversible red and blue cape embellished with his initials. He already had a Super Man T-shirt, blue pants, and a navy blue sweater to wear under his T-shirt to stay warm. So looks like I'm putting my feet up this year!

Here the two costumes I actually did take time to do last year for on-the-cheap.

Here's how I made The Scarecrow costume:
1.) For the top/hat: I found this tan fleece in the scrap bin at Mill End Textiles. I cut the bottom to a rounded edge and sewed under the edging of the front part around the face. I designed this piece to act as a hood. I added some Velcro to close the flaps and to fit under his face. I used a strip of the fabric to tie the hood under his chin.
For the hat, I purchased black felt fabric. I really had no pattern for this hat and pretty much winged it. I cut out a circle larger than the circumference of his head so it would be wide enough for the brim as well. I cut a triangular shape for the cone part of the hat. I sewed the pieces together and glued a piece of drapery cording to accent right above the brim.

2.) For the shirt: I found this green corduroy button-down shirt at Savers. I glued some craft straw to the pockets and cuffs. I found this drapery cording on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabrics to create a sash and stuffed the shirt with more craft straw. I also accented the cuffs with the cording.

3.) For the pants: I also found these brown pants at Savers. I added some iron-on patches to the knees. I glued the craft straw inside the openings of the ankles of the pants.

4.) For the hands: I purchased gray stretchy gloves for the scarecrow hands. The closest color I could find in stores to the movie was gray.

5.) For the nose: I used brown costume make-up to paint his nose.

Last year I made my 3-year-old a Where's Waldo costume that barely cost me anything.

Here's how I made the Where's Waldo costume:
1.) I purchased red duct tape and cut them into several thinner strips to re-create the red stripes. I stuck them onto a white onesie. I added the tape strips to this white hat I already owned.
2.) These are children's 3D movie theater glasses with the lenses taken out. Here's my little Waldo.

Have a Happy Halloween! I would love to see and hear what your homemade costume creations are.

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